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The War

June 25, 2011
By Old-World-Blues DIAMOND, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
Old-World-Blues DIAMOND, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
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You tore the page and started a war
Just to say you don't love me anymore
You're the general I'm the soldier
With bloody feet you've gotten colder

Your eyes were locked on the gun beside you
Nothing else mattered, it was your virtue
I know you craved to pull the trigger
To keep together useless vigor

I didn't ask you
To break my heart to pieces
No, I never asked you
To take control of me

Though the heat had taken us over
You still never let me smoulder
All the things I did regret
That involved you, you hadn't bet

You took the gun straight to my head
Made me take back the words I said
All the things I said about you
All the things that were true

I wouldn't ask you
To ever come back to me
No, I couldn't ask you
To love me again
But oh, how I'd love to
Do what you did to me
You don't know what you did to me

Everywhere I looked
Bombs were falling
You reached out to me
But you were just stalling
For the right time
To let the bullets rip me apart
And use a thin thread
To patch up my heart

Don't you ask me
To let you back in my life
Don't you ever ask me
To forgive you for what you've done

You tore the page and started a war
You never loved me at all

The author's comments:
This is a song comparing a relationship to war

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