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Don't Edit Me

July 13, 2011
By KatrinaCampbell GOLD, Aguadilla, Other
KatrinaCampbell GOLD, Aguadilla, Other
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When God answers your prayers, you have faith in His abilities. When He doesn't, he has faith in YOUR abilities!

You feel I say some crazy things
But I can’t help the way you think.
So go ahead and think what you believe
Your cutting words, cannot touch me

You don’t like that I say what’s on my mind
But, you see, I refuse to be defined
This is just the way that I was designed
Yeah, and I feel just fine

Oh, you can’t edit me
You can’t put me down
I have my own opinions
Don’t put tape on my mouth
No matter how hard you try
You can’t censor me
So let me scream from the rooftops
That’s where I was meant to be
Oh, you can’t edit me
Don’t edit me

Your pitchfork hits a huge brick wall
It’s up around me, and I’m standing tall
So even if you knock me down, and I fall
My words will still get out somehow


Oh, it matters what I say
I’m beautiful in my own way
Why do you try and cover me?
Why do you try and edit me?
Don’t try and edit me!

Chorus (2x)

The author's comments:
Teenagers have voices to, and that's what inspired this :)

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