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February 1, 2018
By BookWerm SILVER, Orem, Utah
BookWerm SILVER, Orem, Utah
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Hello, darkness, new to me
I have to know who brings to see
Hello, darkness, once again
I would stay, now and then
Hello, darkness, my old friend
Helping with my time to spend
Hello, darkness, endless time
What say you how can I find
Treasures in the deepest depths
Without you
Hello, darkness, can you see
My love for you, helpless as me
Hello, darkness, let’s celebrate
War and strife, bitterness and hate
Mourn our loss and debate
What we shall do at dawn
Darkness, Darkness, where are you
Your absence is so sure and true
Darkness, Darkness, in time of need
Where have you gone,gone indeed
Oh, darkness, darkness I see you now
The precipice of disaster
On the cliff edge , how
Will you survive this
Darkness, despair, we are falling
Goodbye, darkness, what a time
Nothing to do but say goodbye
Goodbye, darkness, I tried so hard
To woo you, the wild card
Goodbye, darkness, what can i say
Oh, those fun times we got to play
Time, oh, time, you’ve ruined the fun
To talk and sing and laugh and run
Time, oh, time, what shall I be
Was clueless then, but now I see
You’re nothing but an enemy
Hello, darkness, my old friend
You now meet your bitter end
Without me

The author's comments:

I don't quite know whether this is a song or a poem. It does sound better when sung softly, though. I just really wanted to represent my relationships and others and all the things that have happened without actually saying anyone's name, as I couldn't choose. So I just used the word darkness, and it's fitting. So here we are.

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