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All about horses

September 20, 2018
By DolphinGirl1 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
DolphinGirl1 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Horses both wild and free how beautiful.

Horses are fun to ride and be around.

These wild Stallions leave my heart warm and full

These Horses I ride high up off the ground.

 When I am around them I leap for joy.

  Horses are great companions wild or tame.

 The horse i ride is patient and named Troy.

  He is a fun ride when playing a game

I like to sit and groom him and just watch.  

 Horses and ponies are loving creatures.

I really love to watch and ride and touch.

Horses are excellent pets and teachers.

 I would ride horses in any weather.

When I ride I use reins made of leather.

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