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My take on Shakespeare....

December 12, 2009
By Katie_Potatie PLATINUM, Leavenworth, Kansas
Katie_Potatie PLATINUM, Leavenworth, Kansas
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My one love’s eyes are nothing like “his” own
Lies are far more meaningful than words
If we are one, why then he is all alone
If words be soft thoughts, then that is just what I miss
I have seen sweet love all around, so so sweet
But no such love, see I in his cold heart
“His” love is solely something I can’t beat
But no one knows this lonesome quiet part
I love to hear him breath, yet well I know
That “his” voice hath a far more pleasing sound
I grant I always saw his sweet love show,
But “his” love shows from the sky to the ground

And now I cry, all alone in bed

For I lie awake; I am left for dead

The author's comments:
This is my take on Shakespeare's "my mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun.". Enjoy!!

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