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A Love, Hate Relationship

April 20, 2010
By pierceepoo BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
pierceepoo BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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You’ll bother me until the world’s at end—
both of us mastering that deathly glare.
Hardly does a forgiving hand extend,
above all else our voices loudly blare.
Into my room you so unwelcome walk
and through all my clothes you do go looking.
Sometimes it seems like all you do is talk,
suck up to Mom, and help with the cooking.
We often quarrel and you feign hurt tears,
then rat me out so I get in trouble.
You love to tell others my biggest fears
and intrude the space that is my bubble.
But my best friend you will forever be—
I love you, Sister, for eternity.

The author's comments:
Even though sometimes we fight, and don't always get along, I love my sister more than anything. This poem is just a representation of our relationship and for her to know I will always love her.

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