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Shield up.

October 5, 2010
By Amnoona BRONZE, Bridgeport, Illinois
Amnoona BRONZE, Bridgeport, Illinois
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I sought a place away from harm,
And found myself in tears.
I wipe away the cheap lip balm,
And try to embrace my fears.
I know I meant to find an escape,
From the feeling I most hate.
But here I lay, and in bad shape,
This is my time to deflate.
This harm I fear,
I’ve found my shield.
I’m in love’s tough gear,
On a battlefield.
I’m far from harm - my heart is broken,
But it feels so bad. My grief’s unspoken.

The author's comments:
This is an unusual sonnet. They are usually about love but this one is about fleeing from it. The narrator has found her way from the feeling she loathes - the tangled web of love.

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