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CrIme Junkie: Find the Answer

November 30, 2022
By Tackwriting BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Tackwriting BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Scrolling through Spotify finding something to listen to, I never thought that I was a podcast person. But when I came across Crime Junkie, I instantly was intrigued . 

I wasn't always interested in learning about crimes and police work. When I was in 7th grade, I started watching shows about paramedics and hospitals. I wanted to know more about what led the person to hurt someone else and how the police handled the situation. That's when I was introduced to Live PD, a show that revolved around live police work and how they handled crimes. This introduced me to cold cases and trying to solve them from past evidence. 

Crime Junkie is a podcast hosted out of Indiana by two best friends talking about cold cases and missing and murdered people. I love anything to do with crime or cold cases! I was expecting the podcast to be dry and boring but when I listened to the first episode, I instantly was addicted. 


After listening to Crime Junkie for a while, I started to feel as if I knew the two hosting it; Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat are two names that I have heard and loved since day one. The “I’m your host Ashley Flowers” followed by “ And I’m Brit” has always and will always bring a smile to my face. They are my comfort of the day. Whenever I feel down, I go to Spotify and turn it on.

Crime Junkie is a mix of crime, unsolved mysteries, and raising awareness for missing people and unsolved cases. It's a podcast full of emotion and facts. I never thought that a podcast hosted by two best friends would be so good. There have been many times when the case is so good that I started looking it up trying to connect pieces to solve it myself. I find it so interesting! There have been times when I had to stop and think about the people that lost their loved ones from monsters that are still out in the world. I like the fact that they have great research from multiple sources and even family members. This gives them credibility. They are very knowledgeable.

If you like true crime and learning about crimes but don't want to watch a documentary or dive into your own research, go on your phone, computer or wherever you listen to music and search Crime Junkie. You will get all the answers you need. You are just a click away from an amazing podcast that will leave you eventually looking into the cases by yourself and trying to find answers.  I believe that Crime Junkie is the Podcast for you.

The author's comments:

This piece was written based on a true Podcast that I listen to daily. I hope this review is read by people who enjoy listening to podcasts and people who enjoy true crime. They should looking to it they will enjoy it and want to listen to every episode. 

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