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Maxfly vs. Air Zoom Victory

November 30, 2022
By jacobbfinkk BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
jacobbfinkk BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Do you want to find the best spike on the market, look no further. A quick and easy guide of the three main aspects of a spike you want: comfort, style, and performance. The Nike Maxflys does it all!

To start off I believe the maxflys are better than Superflys Elite 2 because they are more comfortable and add support while you run. Only cons of Maxflys are that they are by .5 ounces and cost 30 dollars more on the new market. I wouldn’t say the weight is a serious factor because it is so little and doesn’t really mean anything. 

Both spikes do have a mesh top but the Maxflys have a more supportive heel material where it allows you to be flexible and supportive at the same time. On the other hand the Elite’s have a mesh top but the sides are not durable. 

Maxfly's do have an airbag that increases comfort and absorbs the shocks from the impact from the ground.Without this handy and extremely important addition to this shoe the Maxflys would be more comparable to the Elite’s. Peaks are added to the base of the Elite’s to add traction and stability to this model. 

With it also having a mesh around the shoes makes it lighter and ready to race when. Both are for 100 meters to 400 meters but the Maxfly's could be used for 800 meters if needed. With the frame of the Elite’s they are not recommended for over 400 meters. If you are looking for something over 400 meters I would look into Air Zoom Victory 2’s. They are the same price as the Maxfly's at 180 dollars and get the same benefits 

 With this even lighter frame to improve performance for a shoe they are race ready and have an airbag to help you meet your race goals. Weighing in at only 4.6 ounces this shoe is almost an ounce less than the Maxfly's. This spike does have more mesh than both previous shoes making it lighter than both by a good margin. 

Having the build of an Elite shoes but having the airbag and comfort of the Maxfly's this is the perfect shoes for you. To conclude the Maxfly's are better than the Elite’s in 100-400 meters and the Air zoom victories are better than Maxfly's in 800 meters and above. 

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