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The Cranberry Inn Experience

November 30, 2022
By 4weaver BRONZE, Merton, Wisconsin
4weaver BRONZE, Merton, Wisconsin
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The warm color of the logs help you recover from the blistering cold of the outdoors. A warm cup of cocoa helps regain the feeling in your fingers and toes. The soft bread and creamy cranberry butter to start makes it hard to comprehend that it can get any better. A seafood appetizer reminds you of the close proximity to lake superior. The steak and side of potatoes helps you gain the energy to finish the dark snowmobile ride home, but the great selection of desserts makes it hard to leave early. 

As soon as you walk into the cranberry inn after a long snowmobile ride you like you’re right at home. The warm tone of the logs and the nice employees working there are the pillars of the atmosphere that the cranberry inn has created. When looking around you will see a hunter's marvel. A large moose mount over the large stone fireplace is the centerpiece of the restaurant. The many big game mounts around the restaurant really captures the eye of any outdoorsman. The cranberry inn also changes their menu frequently in order to rotate entrees that are pleasing to a wide variety of pallets. 

When sitting down you are immediately offered bread along with the cranberry inn’s specialty cranberry butter which multiplies the great taste of their bread. I could not get enough of it. After a mouthwatering glance at the menu, you’ll find anything from traditional American eatery to a select array of seafood. My personal favorite is their muscles in white wine sauce, but I’m a little biased when it comes to good seafood. Their entrées get even better with many of the different tender cuts of beef to a select choice of seafood.

I have not personally stayed at the cranberry inn because I already have a place to stay up in the Northwoods. However, I have heard that it is a great place to stay for weekend long snowmobile or ice fishing trips. The cranberry in is in very close proximity to many lakes including the turtle flambeau flowage, a well known walleye fishing lake. From the cranberry inn you could snowmobile from Hayward in Sawyer county, all the way up to the Porcupine Mountains of the Upper Peninsula. Attractions are scattered all throughout the region and in winter, which makes a visit to the cranberry inn an outstanding stop for snowmobilers. 

So if you are an outdoorsman or just someone looking for a place to eat with outstanding food, and a great atmosphere. Or maybe just a place to stay while you snowmobile with friends and family around the wonders of northern Wisconsin. Then the cranberry inn is the place for you!

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