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Necropolis by Anthony Horowitz

October 15, 2009
By Anne_K PLATINUM, Northfield, Minnesota
Anne_K PLATINUM, Northfield, Minnesota
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What if the future of the world rested in the hands of five ordinary teenagers? In Necropolis: Book Four of the Gatekeepers by Anthony Horowitz, that’s exactly how it is. In the first three books of the series, four of these teenagers discover that they are anything but ordinary. Twins Scott and Jamie are telepathic, Pedro can heal with his hands, and Matt can control things with his mind. They are the Gatekeepers, and their goal is to stop an ancient evil force called the Old Ones from coming into the world.

At the beginning of the book, a modern-day English schoolgirl, Scarlett Adams, starts to realize that she isn’t normal, either. When she goes through a museum door and comes out in an old church hundreds of miles away, she knows something is definitely wrong. After returning, her father is suddenly sent to Hong Kong. Scarlett arrives a few days later, but her father is nowhere to be found.

She doesn’t know it, but she is the fifth Gatekeeper. The other four travel to Hong Kong to look for her, and find that the people supposedly taking care of Scarlett are really working for the Old Ones. They help her escape, but she is captured again and taken to a secret facility somewhere in the city. Matt lets himself get captured by the same people, knowing they will take him to wherever Scarlett is. But he is prepared—a large rescue team follows him and frees them both. Meanwhile, a huge out-of-season typhoon is brewing in the city. Scarlett discovers that she is the cause of the storm; her power is being able to control the weather.

Filled with nonstop action and suspense, Necropolis is a book you won’t be able to put down. It ends with all five Gatekeepers together in the devastating aftermath of the storm, waiting for the Old Ones’ next move. You’ll also be waiting anxiously for the next book, wondering if the Gatekeepers will be able to succeed one more time.

I would definitely recommend this book to a friend, but only after they have read the first three books. The theme of the book is to believe in yourself and not lose hope. Some violence and complex plot elements make this book best for anyone over twelve years old.

Necropolis is one of the best and most unique science fiction books I’ve read recently. I would give it five out of five stars. I loved how it always kept me wondering, anxiously turning pages as the suspense built up. The message of believing in yourself really adds a lot to the book. The only down point is that the next book hasn’t been released yet, but that will soon change. Like me, Necropolis will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is the best addition to the series so far. Anthony Horowitz will have to work really hard to make the next book as good as this one.

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