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Looking for Alaska

September 21, 2007
By Anonymous

Looking for Alaska

Copyright John green,2005 By John Green

ISBN 0-525-47506-0

Looking for Alaska is about a boy who goes to a boarding school called Culver Creek. It's his first year in Culver Creek high school away from his safe environment where not much happens. Things are about to change for him at Culver Creek Boarding School. The main character's name is Miles but he goes by his nickname Pudge. As the story unfolds on how Miles is surviving his first year as a junior in high school, living at a boarding school and about his relationships with the friend's he meets along the way. The story starts out slow but as you continue to read the book it gets more exciting with each page.
As the author John Green starts to introduce each character you start to picture yourself as being there living through the eyes of Miles (Pudge). You first meet Chip the smart and witty roommate with a radio deejay voice. Then there is the gorgeous Alaska Young who changes Miles life forever. The story wouldn't be complete without a wise cracking friend named Takumi. Things start to get complicated for Miles and his world turns upside down.
John Green created a touching story of growing up and how challenging it can be. I loved reading this book and it is one of my favorites so far. My favorite character is Alaska because she is unpredictable and exciting. It is unlike some of the other books I have read and that is one reason why I couldn't put it down. I would highly recommend this book for the young and old readers. It is a very classic story with a bit of supers at the end. You will just have to wait to read the book.

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Thank you for being the only person here to write a half-way decent review for this book. I appreciate it.