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Small Steps

October 9, 2007
By Anonymous

Armpit was the main character of Small Steps. Armpit had spent most o his life in Camp Green Lake. Then Armpit meets Kaira DeLeon. Armpit and Kaira together are going to have the most exciting adventure of the book.

Armpit was the most important character in the book. He was honest and really respectful person. He always tried to do the right thing even if ended up getting in trouble. Armpit's feature did not look clear because of his criminal past. He tried to make up for his errors in the past. Kaira was a famous singer. She had the same attitude every 17 year old. Kaira is nice and some times says embarrassing stuff about herself. Every thing about the book is very good. It makes you feel like if you were Armpit going thru all his experience. The only thing I did not really like the ending. It did not have that much detail. It made it feel like a dead end and did not have an exit.

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