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Nancy Drew Danger on the Great Lakes by Carolyn Keene

March 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Nancy Drew is on another adventure in Nancy Drew Danger on the Great Lakes, by Carolyn Keene. In this story one of Nancy's new Friend's boy friend, Craig, has been suspicious. He has paid a discount tickit for a cruse from Chicago to Toronto for his girl friend, Amber, but he has neglected her ever since she got on the cruse. Once Nancy starts investigating there is no stopping her. When she digs down deep she discovers that Craig is actually a detective.

Craig has been searching for a diamond thief that could be on the ship with them. Soon Nancy is helping Craig look for clues but it has gotten them into trouble. "Will Nancy be able to crack this case before her ship is sunk?"

Same old Nancy Drew, digging her nose into mysteries. But like I said same old same old, even though this book failed to be a thrilling adventure for me. It may be the right book for you, I would recommend this book to Nancy Drew fanatics, people who like 1940 setting mystery stories, or people who really like the movie.

Over all my opinion of this book is not high, on a scale of one to ten this book would probably be a five or six. I didn’t like the way the Author wrote, I felt like I was in the 1940's or something. Even though I liked the movie Nancy Drew I don't think I will read another.

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