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Love, Stargirl

December 4, 2007

Love, Stargirl is a beautiful book by Jerry Spinelli reminding each and everyone of us about being ourselves, and about the healing process of the heart. In this sequel to the book Stargirl, we find our heroine Susan “Stargirl” Caraway far from the heat of Arizona and the warmth of Leo's love. She has now moved to Pennsylvania and begun the process of healing from the wounds that Leo has left her with. Her healing begins by making relationships with her interesting and sometimes eccentric neighbors: Dootsie, the little five-year-old girl with lots of spunk, Alvina, the tomboy with the glittery fingernail, Betty Lou, the agoraphobic, and Perry Delloplane, the thief with the blue eyes who happens to steal Stargirl's heart.

This book is much different from the first. Not only has it shifted perspectives from Leo to Stargirl, but we no longer see Stargirl as a beautiful mysterious enigma, the way Leo saw her. We now see her as a vulnerable teenager with a broken heart; the way Stargirl sees herself. Love, Stargirl still has a romantic aspect, but much less than the first book which might disappoint some readers. However, despite its downfalls this book is truly one that will touch the reader's heart and perhaps even make the reader shed a tear; for in this book every character completes a well-rounded transformation especially Stargirl. And after reading this book the reader will have made a transformation too.

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