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The Legend of Holly Claus

May 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Ryan, Brittney. (2004). "The Legend of Holly Claus." New York: HarperCollins Publishers Inc.
"The Legend of Holly Claus" is a fantastic fairytale where we learn of Santa Claus's life after the tale we know, and meet his daughter, Holly. In the beginning, Santa, or Nicholas as he is commonly known in the book, is sent yet another letter from a child, but this time, the child writes to ask what Santa wishes for most. That is when Nicholas and Viviana decide they need a child.
The Land of Immortals all gather to meet their new royalty, including an evil warlock named Herrikhan, who lays a curse on Holly and replaces her heart with snow. When she grows up, Holly is not only forced but determined to break the curse and rightfully ear her title as immoral. Therefore, she sets off, with a few necessities, into moral land to set her legend straight. When she is there, she helps many children by creating and giving them look-alike dolls. She also makes many friends, gets a job in a toyshop, and meets/falls in love with the boy who is the reason she breathes, Christopher. Literally though, because Christopher is the boy who, long ago, sent Santa that special, touching letter.
"The Legend of Holly Claus" is set in the Land of Immortals, where all immortals now live. People such as Santa Claus, Robin Hood, and many fairies and goblins live.
You should read this book if you are trying to look beyond the simple legend of Santa Claus and get a behind-the-scenes passes. I read this book only to discover a great read and a healthy use of creativity, imagination, and time. I also recommend this to people who have read and enjoyed books like "The Wizard of Oz," or "Mary Poppins," although no plot compares to the magic of this original story. Open the pages of "The Legend of Holly Claus" and discover a world beyond our own.
Genres for this book are fantasy and fiction. I give this book a six out of ten because it is a memorable book, but no so good as a real page-turner.

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