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Nights in Rodanthe By Nicholas Sparks

February 28, 2008
By Anonymous

If you have ever really enjoyed one of those page-turning stories about someone's trials and tribulations in life, this book, Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks, definitely tops that list. It is a story of heartbreak, of learning to love after losing, and most of all, a story about enjoying those around you. This story is brilliantly written, with a flow of words that seem to put you in the story. Nights is so fluid that you can feel the sand under your feet while the protagonist, Adrienne, is walking on the beach.

Adrienne is a single mother of 3, with too much on her hands. As she is looking for a break from everyday, she housesits an inn on the shores of Rodanthe, North Carolina. Here, she finds herself in an unexpected whirlwind of events. She opens her heart to someone who needs her, while in return; he heals the anguish of her failed marriage. They explore a relationship in an exceptionally short amount of time, six days. The man, Paul Flanner, leaves to go heal previous wounds with his son in Ecuador. They prolong the relationship by mail, until they can no longer.

The novel is an epic story of following your heart when odds are against you. The story ties itself up very neatly, and leaves a bittersweet feeling that resonates throughout you. I read this book nonstop for a day just to find out what happens to the relationship in the end.
The story is extremely suspenseful, and every page leaves you wondering. It brings up a lot of questions about how much you should change yourself for someone else. Nights in Rodanthe really addresses how you should live your life everyday.

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