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The Sacrifice by Lynne Ewing

March 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Stanton a loyal follower to the atrox loved a girl named Serena Killingsworth whom was a Daughter of The Moon. When the atrox soon discovers that a follower is in love with a Daughter of The Moon it makes it harder for Stanton even though they don’t know it’s him. He desperately struggles to tell Serena that he can’t be around her because their being together could get them into a whole lot of trouble, and to make it worse there is someone who knows who’s dating Serena.

When he finds out it was Cassandra that was following him the whole time she threatens to reveal his secret, and then he really starts to get desperate. He was about to turn a Marian over to the atrox when he looks away he sees Serena staring at him. He tries to talk to her, but she ran off carrying Marian with her to take her home.

Then when he, and Cassandra are outside talking they hid because the followers that Stanton trained were hunting him down. When they go to escape Lambert a person of the inner circle appears to take Stanton back to the atrox by force since the Daughter’s of the Moon released him from their bonds turning him into a normal person.

This book is about a couple who are dating, but their love is forbidden, and it’s about a sacrifice that has to be made, and Stanton has no choice but to make a huge sacrifice for Serena in order to save her on time. It reminds me of two friends of my that are dating, but their parents won’t allow it. I would recommend this book for people who like books about love, power , and about a sacrifice that has to be made.

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