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Stuck in Neutral by Terry Trueman

February 14, 2008
By jessika boothby, Everett, WA

KILL.KILL. “I think my dads trying to kill me.” Stuck in neutral/terry trueman, I would recommend this book to mature teenagers or adults in between there. He has many degrees etc. such as a B.A. in writing, a M.S. in applied psychology, and a M.F.A. in creative writing.

I also want to mention he has many honors/awards such as Michael L. Printz. Honor books, an ALA best book for young adults, and an ALA booklist top 10 youth first novels.

One of the problems he has is he thinks his fathers trying to kill him and he cant do anything about it because he's totally paralyzed head to toe but he remembers everything he hears so he could have piece together a few words and find out if his fathers is trying to kill him or not.

He is in special Ed and he hates it, he likes one of the teachers there because of her chest area. Every time she bends over he can she down her shirt so every time he gets a chance to see them he goes for it.

Many people like this book its very well written and I highly recommend it. My opinion about this book is when I was reading, this book made me feel ads if I was looking into the little boys eyes as if I were his eyes I saw everything he saw and in the end his dad…….. Read the book and find out.

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