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Tales From the Odyssey: The One-Eyed Giant by Mary Pope Osborne

April 20, 2008
By Anonymous

The book that I have been reading for my independent project is Tales from the ODYSSEY, The one-eyed giant, by Mary Pope Osborne's. This book is a very good book. Through out this review I will briefly describe the characters, setting and plot. I will also describe two quotes that felt meaningful to me.

First off, I will explain the characters and the setting. The main character is Odyssey, the one-eyed giant. Odyssey has a wife and son. His wives name is Penelope, and his sons name is Telemachus. They lived on a farm on the island of Ithaca, in ancient Greece. Odyssey loved tending his fields and orchards, and hoped one day his son would love it too. Odyssey was sent to war against the Trojans in Troy. They are the villains in the story, because they took Odyssey away from the family that he loved so much, and because they were at war. Odyssey just started to realize that he had the best life. He had his wife, his son, and his farm. Every thing was going great, but then he got called to war. Odyssey was devastated. I would hate to live in the time of this novel because I would hate to be called away from my family to go to war. But I would also like it because it sounds peaceful, you would have a whole farm to live on and raise crops and animals. If I could compare Odyssey to any person that I know it would be my dad, because he is corsages, he is the man of the house, and he feeds us. This was the characters and setting of my book.

Now I will tell you about the plot, and then my quotes. The first event of the book was when Odyssey got sent to war. This part really interested me because I am a huge fen of anything having to do with war, so it really made me want to read more. This event changed the life of Odyssey dramatically. He was so happy in his life with his family and his farm, but then he had to change his attitude from happy to warrior. This really effected him. This happened to my cousin. He is in the army and got sent to Iraq. The saddest pert of the book was when Odyssey's family knew that they would never see him again. There was no word of his death, so nobody knows what happened. His family waited every day for months, in hope that he would return. He never did. There was two quotes that were kind of meaningful to me. One was when Odyssey was talking to his men, and he said, “ Weeping will not save us.”( page 55; line 13) this statement meant just one thing to me, we cant dwell on all the bad things in life. We should focus on the good. Another was Odyssey again. This time he said, “I will find my way bake to my family again.”( page 90; line 6) this statement was sad once I finished the book, because he is so determined to find his family, and get home, but he never does. I would like to give two questions and answers to a sentence that the author wrote that bothered me. The sentence is, “I bring orders for you to join king Agamemnon in the fight against Troy!”( page 14; line 1) One: Why did the king want Odyssey to go to war with them? - I think because he was a giant and was a great warier. Two: Why didn't Odyssey just refuse to go? - Because during the last war Odyssey made every warrior swear to defend there country, no matter what. Those are the answers to the sentences theat bothered me so much.

In the end I think that this is a great book and recommend it to people of all ages.
I hope you enjoyed my review of Odyssey, the one-eyed giant.

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