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Weird Science

February 20, 2019
By Anonymous

 Weird Science is a science fiction movie that combines drama in a manner that is sure to please. The movie revolves around two teenaged boys named Wyatt and Gary. The two of them are misfits who are basically only friends with each other and aren't very popular at school or with their other classmates. Both of them are quite awkward and wish that they could be cooler and be able to do all of the things that popular kids have the ability to do, like not getting made fun of. After watching a horror movie and seeing how Frankenstein was able to come to life, the duo believes that they are capable of building the perfect woman. Because of this, they soon use Wyatt's computer and begin designing a woman. However, since the computer isn't actually capable of creating their goal, they soon hack into other computers, perform unusual rituals, and set up a bunch of wires around a doll. Although it seems like their plan doesn't have a single chance of working out, odd events soon happen, like ferocious winds occurring inside of their room, lightning randomly flashing, and red clouds forming over their house, and before the two of them can even comprehend what's going on, they soon find a beautiful woman in their bedroom, who says that she was created by them. The woman begins to showcase her magical powers that include giving Wyatt and Gary fancy cars, outfitting them with nicer outfits, and making them seemingly cooler in a process that involves Wyatt and Gary learning more about themselves than they ever knew before as they finally begin to stand up for themselves. 
 Weird Science proves to be a genuinely complex movie that showcases the mindset of a teenager. The movie tries to deal with all of the problems that a typical teenager is forced to deal with and how popularity really isn't everything. The beginning of the movie does a brilliant job of jump starting the movie and immediately introduces audiences to Gary and Wyatt in a manner that clearly shows how they think. The middle of the movie does a marvelous job of progressing things along and is actually able to present new concepts and ideas, while also showcasing how cool the woman that Wyatt and Gary created really is. The enticing ending of the movie actually proves to be quite emotionally rich, exhilarating, and is far more elaborate than meets the eye. The conclusion is able to tie up all loose knots and leave a smile on viewers' faces, which are both traits of a superb ending.
 Although the actual science in Weird Science is far from being even close to being scientifically accurate or realistic, it actually doesn't make that big of a difference. Even though it feels slightly strange at first to witness illogical science take place, as the movie progresses, the science no longer feels that odd and soon just feels like fun, enjoyable, weird science. The title of the movie does suggest that weird things happen, and the plot of the movie stays quite true to that concept. Also, the visuals of the movie are nothing short of spectacular, especially considering that the movie was made in the 1980s. Because of this, the scenes where the woman is in the process of being created are made that much more unique and awesome to watch. 

 Weird Science is also able to benefit from revolving around two characters that are good guys at heart. Both Wyatt and Gary prove to be kind individuals, but, at the same time, they are severely flawed in a manner that makes it hard for watchers to not root for them. Because the teenagers seem to be nice guys, whenever something bad happens to them, it becomes impossible to not feel even more invested in the characters. Secondly, so many things go wrong in the lives of Wyatt and Gary, such as bullies, making the characters that much more relatable. 

 Weird Science also has a talented cast that is able to help elevate the movie to the next level. Kelly LeBrock does a fabulous job of portraying Lisa, which is the name that is eventually given to the woman that is created by Wyatt and Gary. The great Anthony Michael Hall does a fantastic job of playing Gary and is absolutely one of the main reasons why people are able to feel so much for both Gary and Wyatt. Robert Downey Jr. is also in the movie and does an excellent job as Ian, who isn't the most important character in the movie but does aid in showcasing the true personalities of Gary and Wyatt as one of the main bullies to them. 
 Although Weird Science is a fan favorite by many, critics strangely didn't seem to find the same level of satisfaction with the movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a fair 54%, which really isn't that impressive of a score, and IMDb gave the movie an alright 6.6/10, which just further supports the idea that critics really didn't seem to love the movie. However, an outstanding 92% of Google users liked the movie, demonstrating that people still enjoyed the movie, regardless of critics' opinions. 

 Weird Science isn't for everyone, due to the actual concept, but this movie is a perfect fit for younger audiences, especially teenagers, and for the right age group, this movie will not disappoint, because the movie is just weird enough to work. 

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"So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?" - Lisa

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