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Encanto's Glow

May 16, 2022
By 3kohls BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
3kohls BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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A beautiful brightly burning candle is what starts this magical movie off. Just as the candle burns with a vibrant elegance throughout a great portion of the movie, Encanto itself follows suit. 

The storyline follows a family whose members were each given a magical gift, except for one: Mirabel. Unfortunately, these powers come with high expectations, which put lots of strain on the family's well-being as they attempt to meet Abuela, the head of the household, standards.

The ever-flickering storyline brings about an adventurous plot with aspects that still feel close to home. The most unique part of this movie is the consistent setting. Throughout the movie, the endearing venture occurs within the mountains of the Madrigal’s Encanto. The choice to keep the story inside the Madrigal’s home created a very unexpected connection to the Pandemic. With all of us feeling trapped in our homes it made the idea much more high-spirited by playing off those feelings with a sense of motivation.

Not only does the plot have a relatable scenario, but the vast number of characters allows a wide range of viewers to connect with at least one of the distinct personalities. From the misunderstood Bruno, to the overcontrolling Abuela, and the unappreciated Mirabel, there is a character for every person.

This movie screams family-friendly. Its darker underlying story of an over-controlling grandmother dealing with her past trauma by pushing stress onto her younger generations entices the older audience, while the spunk and incredible powers of the younger characters as well as the colorful animation throughout the movie, appeal to today’s youth. 

Another great aspect of the movie is the numerous addictive songs. Many of the songs came as a shock as they didn’t perfectly fit Disney’s usual song choices, however, each one creatively pushed the story along while adding a plethora of new song structures to Disney's typical field of expertise. For instance, “Surface Pressure” was a new choice for Disney. The artist’s vocal range was a step outside of the normal princess outlook that has run a vast majority of Disney’s previous hits. And “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” blends beautifully into the unique plot of the movie. Thankfully Disney did step outside of their comfort zone with the songs, making the movie unforgettable. 

No matter how dark your mood is, watching this movie is sure to brighten your day. It will effortlessly flicker in your mind as the storyline beautifully melts your heart. As the movie comes to a close you will leave with a sense of warmth thanks to the wonderful structure of Encanto.

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This review shares an inside look at the beautiful adventure written into the new Disney movie, Encanto.

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