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December 3, 2007
By Anonymous


Transformers is an action packed film by Micheal Bay for boys who dream of their car turning into an alien robot with of course a hot girl that helps them save the world, fast sports cars, military action, and high speed chases.

This movie is intense with great actors and a busy, but comedy-filled plot. The filmmakers pulled together an amazing young cast with a main character being Shia LaBeouf, acting as Samuel who is also considered LadiesMan on his Ebay account, with a geeky personality. Shia is the hottest young, man actor at the moment and plays his part fantastically by taking on so many responsibilities while also having a crush on his classmate Mikaela (Megan Fox) who doesn't even know he exists. She finally accepts a ride from him, not realizing she 's going to be fighting off alien robots and getting involved with the government. Actors Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel are the smart, strong military men who are fighting off these “bad” alien robots, or the Decepticons, and at the end come to help Sam and Mikaela fight off the Decepticons.

Sam's grandfather's glasses have a special code on them from Megatron, who was frozen when Sam's grandfather found him. Without knowing all of this going on, Sam purchases a car that has a mind of its own. When the Decepticons are after Sam, he realizes his car, named Bumble Bee, belongs to the Autobots who aren't trying to hurt humans, but just get the code on the glasses to save the world from the Decepticons.

Transformers is a movie based on good vs. evil and you really don't know good vs. evil until you do research and get to know the person or thing. Sam thinks someone is stealing his car when it starts itself and drives away. Once Sam figured out what was going on he realized his car is just trying to perfect the world he lives in and becomes emotionally attached to Bumble Bee by doing everything is his power to not let the government capture him. The government also thinks all the robots are bad until they put all the pieces together that they didn't already know.

This movie will keep everyone on the edge of their seats with all the stunts that the cars do before they turn into robots. The plot may be awkward but Bay puts everything together perfectly to make it actual, but comical at the same time. For teens who have always played with transformers as a kid, go to this movie to see them transform in real life, but only in a movie.

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