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July 4, 2008
By Anonymous

If you haven’t been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Wall-E then shame on you. My advice: get in your car, drive to the theatre, purchase a ticket, sit back and enjoy the show. It is another Pixar masterpiece, and great for all ages.
As soon as you meet Wall-E you feel connected to this little robot, and just a bit sorry for him. He is left on planet earth to clean up all the garbage while the humans vacation in space. Wall-E seems to be the only working robot left, however, is feels lonely as he collects interesting junk and watches scenes from Hello, Dolly!
This is until he meets Eva. She is sent by the humans to earth to see if there is any sign of life left. When
Wall-E presents a plant to her, Eva is taken back out to space. Desperate not to loose his friend, Wall-E clings onto the space ship that carries Eva away and heads out to space where he encounters many more friends, lazy people, holographic screens, and evil robots.
Wall-E is funny, entertaining, has some good messages in there, and, of course, it is cute.

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