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January 31, 2008
By Anonymous


“Cloverfield” was released in the United States on January 18, 2008. It is about a creature that takes over Manhattan. The film starts off by showing a group of friends at a surprise party for Rob Hawkins. The movie is shot completely by a video camera that is used to tape a going away video for Rob who is moving to Japan the next day. All the sudden out of no where an earthquake type shake happens and everyone runs outside soon to find out that there is a very large unknown creature tearing the entire city apart. The group starts out pretty big but is cut short pretty quickly in the film and most of the movie is just four people’s journey to survival and trying to find Rob’s love Beth who is trapped in her apartment.

Overall, I thought the film was very good and quite enjoyable. The director did a very good job in not making the film cheesy. For the most part the acting was pretty believable, sometimes a little mediocre but definitely not bad. The shakiness of the camera was a little distracting and made for a pretty bad headache afterwards but the movie is worth a watch, so pop some aspirin and enjoy the show.

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