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Catch and Release is a Real Catch

December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

Catch And Release is a real catch

When going to see a movie like Catch and Release, you have some expectations. You expect to feel sad and maybe cry a little. But for Catch and Release, this is not the case.

The story is about Gray Wheeler (Jennifer Garner), a woman who has recently lost her fiancé, Grady. She moves in with three of her fiancé’s friends: Sam (Kevin Smith), Dennis (Sam Jaeger), and Fritz (Timothy Olyphant). With their help, Gray discovers several secrets that Grady was keeping from her, including money and a woman in L.A.

While the movie is about loss, you hardly feel that Gray has lost something. You feel that instead she has gained more than she has lost. While dealing with the death of her fiancé, Gray discovers herself and who she really is. She faces many surprises and even finds a new and unexpected love interest.

What you really don’t expect from this movie is comedy. Half of the movie is filled with funny scenes that make you laugh. Kevin Smith is hilarious by giving the film’s funniest lines. He is very entertaining and makes the film worth seeing.
Jennifer Garner delivers a very convincing performance as Gray. She makes the character come to life and the audience empathizes with her. Garner is a wonderful actress and portrays her character very authentically. She shows a considerable amount of emotion on her face that is very believable.

The character of Fritz seemed to be half-written. In the beginning of the movie, Fritz was shown to be a shallow guy who didn’t really care that his friend had died. By the end, he has undergone a transformation and become a decent guy. The thing is, you don’t see the transformation. Fritz suddenly changes and you don’t know why.
Catch and Release may seem like your typical tear-jerker, but it is not so. The movie tugs at your heartstrings a little, but it is surprisingly, a humorous and entertaining flick. Some scenes are a bit awkward though, and seem not to have been thought through fully, mostly the love scenes. They were unexpected and a little bit random.
Overall, Catch and Release is enjoyable and fun to watch. It is something I would recommend seeing it.

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