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Sydney White

March 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Sydney White (Amanda Bynes) is anything but the ordinary sorority girl. Raised by a plumber and several masculine construction workers, Sydney has never had a female friend. When her first year of college rolls around, Sydney feels she needs to keep up her late mother’s sorority legacy. That plan, however, soon comes to a sudden end when Rachel Witchburn (Sara Paxton), the wicked president of the sorority, kicks Sydney out. Along the way to hopelessness, Miss White runs into seven dorks and finds her Prince Charming in this modern day Snow White fairy tale.
This hilarious comedy definitely lives up to its Disney foundation. Although not directly produced by Disney, the storyline was an interesting take off of the original Snow White. Sydney White is a clear mix between Mean Girls and A Cinderella Story with a classic Disney twist, so if you happen to love either of those two movies, you are in luck. Filled with the same sad moments, entertaining incidents, and all around fun for movie goers of all ages, the film still has its own unique feel.
However, the order of events were extremely cliché. Every teenage themed movie dating back ten years has had the exact same format which leads to predictability. Also, many of the lines, especially in the beginning, were very cheesy and unrealistic. That, of course, has to be expected with any “teeny-bopper” type of movie.
Although, if you like teenage themed movies, you’ll love Sydney White.

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