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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

April 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Peter Bretter(Jason Segel) has just been dumped by his girlfriend Sarah Marshall(Kristen Bell) of five and a half years. Sarah is the leading actress on the hit NBC show CrimeScene. Peter was the show's main composer.

Good, now you've got the background. What follows the break-up is a heart-felt and utterly hysterical trip to the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii where Peter, on the word of his step-brother, tries to forget Sarah. The problem though, Sarah checked into the same hotel with her new beau, the outlandish and sexually-deviant british rock star Aldous Snow(Russel Brand). As Peter does his best to both ingore and stalk her, he meets Rachel Jansen(Mila Kunis) the really cute front desk girl. In less than a week, Peter is able to make friends with most of the staff and people dwelling in the resort and find a romantic intrest in young Rachel. Although, it seems the more he's trying to let go...Sarah is trying to get back.

In the past few years, Judd Apatow is becoming a house-hold name. He has had his hands in movies such as The Forty-Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and Superbad. So it's no real surprise that this one is a grand-slammer like those. Nicholas Stoller directs this comedy written entirly by Segal himself. It feeds off the raunchy comedy of those movies which most of us have held dear, but manages to yet again, bring a light to a certain time in our lives I'm pretty much we've all at one point experinced. It felt weird watching this movie, having recently been dumped myself, but maybe it was a good thing. I could really get down on a level with Pete and maybe that's what made it all the more enjoyable. If not that, then it certainly was the whole cast. Segal does well for his debut screenplay/performance. He's well-likable and has that little nerdy something that dwells within us all. Kristen Bell does a good job at Hollywood starlet Sarah Marshall. She's not really an up-tight Paris Hilton-esq snob, but an actual down-to-earth girl who stars in the no 1. hit crime drama. Mila Kunis, whom you probably knew better as Jackie on That 70s Show, really surprised me. Her charecter is a very embracing one, who's all for "living in the now." Russel Brand is great as Aldous. He's practically half Austin Powers and half Mick Jagger, only without each other's goofy teeth. Also, Jonah Hill apears on and off as Matthew, the hotel clerk who's always aroung Aldous. Always.

All in all, bravo to Jason Segal. Bravo for one heck of a movie. Kudos to you as well Judd. You've done it again.

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darkdeandre said...
on Aug. 27 2008 at 1:32 am
Good Job j b