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Save the Last Dance

September 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Out of all the movies on the theater I decided to go with Save the Last Dance. This movie was filmed in 2001 and directed by Thomas Carter. Two of the main characters that played in the movie was Julia Stiles which her name in the movie Sarah Johnson and Derek played by Sean Patrick Thomas. The reason why I picked Save the Last Dance is because it talks and shows about how black and whites connect. In the beginning her mom died in a car crash and was forced to live with her dad. Sarah didn’t get along very well with her dad. Sarah went to school and most of the students where black. And as you know she was white. Sarah got laughed at and every thing.

It all started when Sarah went to a new school and made new friends. She meant Derek they started to like each other. There was this one dance club near where she lives and that club was really popular. Sarah went one day with Derek but she was to scared to go dancing cause she didn’t want to get laughed and but she changed her mind and just went out there and dance her but off. Everybody was having a good time, Sarah want to go to Julliard but her dad didn’t want her to go. So Sarah told Derek that she wanted to go and Derek told her do whatever your heart desires.

So pretty much this movie was about how black and whites connect and how does whatever your heart desires.

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