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By Anonymous

     I sank into the seat with my bucket of popcorn, feeling a rush of excitement followed by a stab of nervousness. I wondered if anyone else in the theater felt the same way. As a die-hard C.S. Lewis fan, this movie could either be the coolest adaptation I had ever seen, or leave me absolutely traumatized. Since I have loved these books since I was eight years old, I wasn’t sure if a movie could ever come close to doing them justice. Did it ever!

From the opening scene, I was on the edge of my seat watching the classic story unfold: a young girl steps through a wardrobe and into a land that an evil witch has plunged into constant winter. The only one who can save the land of Narnia is Aslan, the true king, whose return begins the fulfillment of a prophecy. Even after reading the book 60 times, I still jumped when a wolf leaped out from behind a tree and cried when the siblings were reunited.

It is hard to choose my favorite part since the entire film is so good. I think what really makes the movie is how realistic the characters are. The four main characters act just like real siblings, arguing, fighting, teasing and crying together. You feel everything they do - every fear, joy and hope. I also love the battle scene: 25 minutes of heart-stopping action with hand-to-hand combat, heroic sacrifice and brilliant strategy. And, of course, the good guys win in the end.

This is a movie everyone will enjoy. Mothers will feel comfortable taking their children to see it; teens will love the battles and the out-of-this-world feel of Narnia; adults will appreciate the special effects and excellent acting. Overall, it is a great movie for anyone who loves a good story. Way to go, Walt Disney and Walden Media!

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