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Monsters Univeristy

September 10, 2013
By LegendKeeper DIAMOND, Unadilla, New York
LegendKeeper DIAMOND, Unadilla, New York
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"What is impossible with man is possible with God." Luke 18:27

Ever since he was a monster-kid, Mike Masowki (Billy Crystal) (I don't know how to spell that right off.) has been the average, looked down on (literally) person in school, and life in general. But his hopes for success and popularity soar when he is accepted into Monsters University, and more importantly, the scare program. At first, it's great. He knows everything there is to know about scaring, from the components of a roar to scare tactics.
But there is one problem: He's not scary.
Compare that to fellow student James P. Sullivan (John Goodman), son of the legendary Bill Sulivan, who is a mountain of bristling fur with horns, who relies on being a natural scare-er, without even glancing at the study books.
Needless to say, by the end of the first semester, they both have been taken out of the scare-program and put into 'the wondrous world of scream-can design'. Booorinnng.
Mike is crushed by this, going through his days with no clear direction, with Sully towering over him, ready to beat him into a pulp for supposedly being the reason he was kicked out too.
Mike goes back to his dorm-room, sees the calender, full of high hopes and appointments for his future, and rips it off the pin-board & into the garbage bin. Only to reveal a poster for the annual 'Scare Games', and a chance to prove himself to everyone as some one worth knowing.

The teams consist of:
RAR, the popular kid's fraternity,
Hiss, gothic,
Eek, female athletes,
Jox, male athletes,
Pnk, name says it all,
OK, the loser team. And guess who's on it?

The bad stuff:
the RAR group are absolute jerks, and they put down OK on a regular basis, including pranking them at a major party. Some scenes/characters may be scary to younger kids or those of the weak of heart. There is a point near the end that seems worthy of being on MonsterQuest, where a certain two some get in a dangerous situation including humans. Sully steals a rival school's mascot. Mike kisses Sully's hand in his sleep.
There are a couple parties, but the things that happen there aren't too worrisome. A few characters break school rules. OK's initiation ceremony includes hitting the newbies with sticks, and being 'sworn in'.
The main characters break into Monsters Inc and get away, while one of their mom's was a willing accomplice. The scare games include a dodge-ball course with balls that swell up bodies they touch.

the good stuff:
There is a moral lesson to all this, believe it or not. The members of Oozma Kappa all protect each other. There are thousands of clean laughs.

Awesome movie, thank you siblings, for taking me to it. (Even though I ended up paying for it. mostly.)

The author's comments:
I laughed, I nearly cried, I had a great birthday. :D

Plus, Oozma Kappa (OK) was the name of my team on a recent bike trip.

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