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By Anonymous

     DreamWorks Pictures has done it again, folks, and produced yet another successful movie. "Shrek 2" is awesome! Packed with more adventure, as well as more humor, I would have to say that it is even better than the original.

Lovebirds Shrek and Fiona and their loyal sidekick Donkey are off on another whirlwind adventure, this time to meet Fio-na's parents. The Queen (Julie Andrews) and the King (John Cleese) are shocked to see that their daughter Fiona is an ogre. Furthermore, her parents have plans for her to marry Prince Charming, so the King orders Shrek killed!

In this second installment, you see Shrek, along with Donkey and his fairy-tale friends, trying to win back Fiona's love. Along the way, he meets new characters, including the "ever-threatening" Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas), who turns out to be nothing more than a loyal friend to Shrek. Can Shrek win back the love of Fiona and live happily ever after?

"Shrek 2" is not just a continuation of the original, as you discover new facets of the characters.

Out of five stars, I would give this sequel five. It is that good, truly. If you are looking for an excellent family film, full of adventure and humor, "Shrek 2" is definitely a winner!

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i love this so much!

lozzybubz said...
on Jul. 5 2009 at 10:55 pm
Many people were talking about the dreamworks film shrek when it hit the cinema screens in 2001. Now the sequel that many people have been waiting for has finally arrived: Shrek 2. The question is has the sequel reached the high standards of the action packed, energetic first film? And will it be the next DVD you will be able to watch over and over again? The answer is: yes!

The film starts right from where the first one left off, making it easy to pick up on straight away. The unsightly, unpopular ogre Shrek is enjoying his marriage with his also ogre wife: Princess Fiona, but his annoying loud mouthed friend donkey has been getting in the way for quite some time since his relationship with the dragon from the first film is on the rocks, and just as donkey’s annoyance has peaked Shrek’s worst nightmare becomes reality, he receives an invitation from Fiona’s parents, Queen Lillian and King Harold to visit their land of far, far away so that they can finally meet their so called prince charming son in law.

For Fiona, bad luck sets in as she hasn’t told her parents about her marriage to an ogre instead of prince charming and also her permanent transformation to an ogre herself. But eventually, Fiona talks Shrek into it and the 3 of them (including the lonely donkey) set off on a long journey to the land of far, far away. When the 3 arrive at the land, Shrek was not surprised by his unwelcome presence, Although Fiona is. Fiona’s fairy godmother is also unwelcoming as she planned with King Harold that Fiona marries her son, Prince charming. The two planned for prince charming to go on a quest to rescue Princess Fiona from the dragons’ lair, but unfortunately for him, it didn’t go as planned. When prince charming got to the tower of where the princess was supposed to be lying, she wasn’t there. Instead a wolf was lying in her place.

Harold then tries to get rid of Shrek by hiring the ultimate assassin: Puss in boots! But the plan fails as puss betrays King Harold and becomes friends with Shrek. The unwelcomed ogre eventually decides to change the way he looks to impress Fiona’s parents and breaks into the fairy godmothers magic laboratory and steals a potion that him, Fiona and donkey all share. But Fiona is under another spell by her fairy god mother, the spell is that whoever she next kisses she falls in love with, the plan is for Fiona to kiss prince charming. When Shrek finds out about this, him and all of his crazy friends including a boy with a big nose, a little man made out of ginger, and three mice short of sight and many more set out to make sure the fairy god mother’s meddling plan fails.

The film proves to be very successful and is full of adventure and twists for the whole family.