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By Anonymous

   Are you tired of watching simple love stories with happyendings? If so, "Sweet November" is perfect for you. This movie tellsof a simple twist of fate when Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves) and Sara Deever(Charlize Theron) meet at the department of motor vehicles.

Nelson is aworkaholic, while Sara is a free-spirit. She becomes intrigued by the idea ofhelping Nelson relax and enjoy life because she has a passion for spreading joyinto the lives of others. Sara's idea of fun is a day outdoors walking herneighbor's dog. On the other hand, Nelson's day is filled with advertisingmeetings, coffee and bosses. Sara comes into Nelson's life at the perfect time -just as he simultaneously loses his job and girlfriend. Unwilling to commit,Nelson compromises and agrees to live with Sara for one month.

One monthis all Sara needs to transform this tense workaholic into a compassionate andrelaxed person who enjoys life. November is their special month, and Nelson is achanged person. The two fall in love, and Nelson finds it hard to tear himselfaway from Sara at the end of the month. A tragic discovery about Sara leavesNelson lonely, heartbroken and confused.

I suggest "SweetNovember" to those who like sad and unpredictable endings. It is aninspirational movie that shows how people can fall in love in a short time.Although it isn't realistic, it makes you ponder the true meaning of life andthink about what truly makes people happy.

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