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   "What Lies Beneath" begins somewhat like"The Sixth Sense." Michelle Pfeiffer plays Claire, a married woman(whose daughter has just gone to college) running from ghosts we never see.Suspenseful events in her large lakeside house include doors opening before shetouches them, a picture (always the same one, mind you) falling from the wall andseeing another woman in her reflection in the bathtub.

Harrison Ford, whomay be the main reason you go to see the film, brings the psycho element intofull throttle as Norman, Claire's husband, who secretly had an affair with awoman he then murdered. He is somewhat like the character of Cole's mom in"The Sixth Sense," and keeps getting angry at Pfeiffer for saying she"sees dead people."

The acting is quite good, although the plotis predictable. Eerie special effects highlight this movie, especially theclimax, which is very haunting, and the scariest part of the film. You may notwant to go in a lake for a while, just like "Blair Witch" scared theheck out of campers.

"What Lies Beneath" is rated PG-13, andfor good reason, but if you've seen many psycho-type thrillers and murdermysteries, you may find this movie somewhat of a bore. Then again, if you likethat kind of stuff, "What Lies Beneath" may be perfect for you.

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