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   "Imagine yourselfin an empty theater ... The walls are black and the screen isa bright white light." These words transform Tom Witzky's(Kevin Bacon) life forever and take any viewer of "Stirof Echoes" for a terrifying psychological thrill ride.Based on the novel by Richard Matheson, "Stir ofEchoes" recounts the seemingly innocent hypnosis of ayoung Chicago father that accidently unleashes a disturbingsubconscious power.

Immediately after his hypnosis at aneighborhood party, Tom experiences terrible flashes ofinexplicable images and a terrifying sense of danger. He is nolonger able to distinguish between subconscious visions andreality and lives in an abyss between the two realms. His wifewatches with horror as their young son also seems possessed bythe same visions and voices. With Tom's entrance intofantasia, he stumbles upon a dark neighborhood secret he mustbring to light.

This gripping plot could be consideredone of the most well-thought out movies of the year. With thefilm's vantage point sometimes delving into the mind of TomWitzky, viewers feel as if they too have entered Tom'sterrifying new world. This film had me screaming with fright.

The film hides a murder mystery which keeps viewersguessing until the very end. I recommend it to anyone braveenough to stand it. The chilling hypnotic sequences andall-too-realistic acting are not for the faint of heart.Undoubtedly, this film was one of the most thought-provokingfilms I have seen, and I found myself remembering variousscenes days later. If you are interested in a brilliant plot,excellent acting and mind-numbing suspense, then "Stir ofEchoes" is the movie for you.

This movieis rated R. Those under 17 must be accompanied by anadult.

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