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The Island Of Dr. Moreau MAG

By Anonymous

   H.G. Wells' classic of man and monster comes to the screen, regretfully, in the eclectic hands of director John Frankenheimer. The story centers around the "mad scientist" Dr. Moreau (brilliantly portrayed by Marlon Brando), who, after being scorned by the public in the United States, moves to an island in the Java Sea to continue his experments mixing human and animal genes. Suddenly, conflict arises; British actor David Thewlis (Dragonheart) comes upon the island and is trapped there, away from civilization, because the evil doctor and his assistant, Montgomery (irritatingly performed by Val Kilmer), fear that Thewlis will tell the media of the crimes the doctor is up to.

This is a Harry & The Hendersons meets Jurassic Park meets Congo meets Twelve Monkeys meets Planet of The Apes meets Jekyll & Hyde - which makes for a lethal motion picture.

The creatures themselves, created by Stan Winston, the genius behind E.T., the alien in Alien and the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, is at a loss for creativity, and I don't blame him, because the movie lacks creativity.

The opening five minutes interest you, but goes nowhere. Another problem here is that the time period is uncertain. Clothes from the 1990s, language from the 1890s. Characteristics and mannerisms appear from the latter, and a moment later there are computers.

This movie is a dull, monotonous, uncreative collage, and I'd rather have knee surgery and stand on my head and watch Waterworld all day than see this film again. The best part was the credits. Need I say more?

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i love this so much!