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Antarctica At The Omni MAG

By Anonymous

   The Omni Theater presentation of "Antarctica" meets the high standards set by previous shows at the Boston Museum of Science. This production will attract many by intrigue alone. It describes an unknown, foreign land, unwelcoming and harsh in weather and aura. Most people picture this whenever they hear the continent's name. But "Antarctica" goes further, as it manages to intertwine two main points in the show. First, the sheer beauty of this land is portrayed again and again. Nowhere else on earth does nature reveal itself in such magnificent form. Immense in stature and wondrous in splendor, "Antarctica" shows off the continent's gracefulness. Secondly, there are frequent diversions into the historical background of the land. Narratives relate early sailing expeditions which barely failed. Also, successful stories tell of the benefits of modern navigational equipment. Overall, this show merits the viewing of anyone with an interest in the unfamiliar place or in early explorations. n

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