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By Anonymous

   Do you like a suspenseful thriller? If so, "Cape Fear" is the movie for you. The beginning is weak, but the rest of the movie more than makes up for it. The plot is gripping and the acting is superb. A newly-released convict, played by a brilliant Robert DeNiro, terrorizes his lawyer (Nick Nolte) and family. Nolte can do nothing because DeNiro isn't breaking the law. It turns out the lawyer had believed the DeNiro was guilty of rape, so he hadn't presented a piece of evidence that could have proved him innocent.

So, after all these years, the convict is going to punish him. Nolte tries everything to get away including hiring thugs to beat up DeNiro, a private investigator to follow him, and the one I liked best, pretending to leave the state, and then hiding in his own house. With this ploy, if DeNiro entered, Nolte could shoot and kill him. But a bizarre sequence of events forces Nolte and his family to leave. With a violent storm, there is the climactic ending with a great twist. For all you thrill lovers, I highly recommend this movie. n

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i love this so much!