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March 6, 2009
By Jessenia Forero BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Jessenia Forero BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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They movie taken is about this teenage girl asking her parents to go to Paris with her friend Amanda. Her father is an over protected father over his daughter Kim. Kim's dad used to work for the government not to long ago until he left his job because he wanted to spend more time with his daughter Kim. Kim's father had to think it twice to let to Paris with her friend Amanda. As soon as Liam N'eson (Kim's dad) had took out the bags from the car to leave her at the airport he found that they were going around the world. Liam left her a phone to contact him before she goes to sleep and when she got to Paris. When they got to Paris Kim and Amanda found this handsome guy offering to take a ride with them because the cabs in Paris are expensive. The cab dropped them off and he asked want to go to a party to night they girls said yes. They gave the apartment number and like 15 minutes later Kim's dad calls no one answers his phone call. Until Kim looks at her phone her dad had gave her to contact him when they got there and saw many miss calls. She answers and can't hear anything because Amanda had the music to high so Kim goes to the bathroom and looks through the bathroom window witch you can see the front door of the apartment and the living room. Kim sees three men grabbing Amanda. She tells her dad and he said go to the closest and go under the bed. The three men go in the room and don't find her. She tells her dad they left and one grabs her by her feet and takes her. The one that took her said good luck finding her.
I liked his movie to see what can happen in life when you're not carful.

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