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NF's new song HAPPY

August 3, 2023
By Galactic-Customs BRONZE, Fayetteville, Tennessee
Galactic-Customs BRONZE, Fayetteville, Tennessee
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This song is one of my favorites off of the HOPE album. Besides MAMA, RUNNING, and GONE, it might be the most emotional track on the record. I like that he decided to gravitate towards a more modern pop sound than his normal style(don't get me wrong, my favorite song by him is either CLOUDS or PANDEMONIUM. Both of which are intense). This song was also very introspective(this is not a unique trait of this song, as much of his work is like this), but in a very relatable way(again most of his songs are very relatable). This was also the first song that I heard off the album besides HOPE and MOTTO(these two were released prior to the rest of the album), and it was one of those moments while listening to the first thirty seconds where I just went "I'm so happy(pun not intended) that I am a fan of this artist!!!" and since I became an NF fan around the release of Perception, I've gotten to see his growth from album to album. I even went far enough and listened to his debut album Moments, which is pretty good, but it really lets you see how far he's come. 


Anyway, I thought I'd give my thoughts on the song. Let me know in the comments what your favorite NF song is! 


P.S. I picked the photo because PAID MY DUES is also one of my favorite songs.

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I like NF and his music...

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