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Find your Beat

January 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Find your beat
Music is widely misunderstood from culture to culture. People like music for different reasons, whether it’s the harmony or the lyrics, we all find peace in the serenity of music that pleases our senses. Personally I think that if more people were open to different types of music, maybe if they gave a variety of genres a chance. My point is when a person claims to despise a certain type of music without furthering their listening experience with it then they have no right to an opinion about it in the first place. People are often judged do to their taste in music which is obviously ridiculous. Music should not be used to discriminate against people and who said it’s wrong to enjoy something that didn’t just come flopping out from the media or something that isn't widely known and loved.

On the subject of rap, many people feel it’s demeaning to women and promotes sexual activity and drug use. Honestly most of the people I know including myself enjoy rap because of the harmony behind it. The majority of people who listen to rap don’t mimic the standards behind it. Maybe the lyrics are a bit on the rebellious side but people aren’t going to go out and do certain things just because some song on the radio claims it’s cool. Us teenagers have a little more common sense, well most of us at least.

Reggae is possibly the single most relaxing music there ever was, in my opinion. Bob Marley’s positive lyrics make for a mood enhancing experience, he always lifts my spirit when I’m feeling down. Everyone has their own personal type of music that puts him or her in a better mood and sometimes it’s an adventure finding out what kind of music you enjoy the most. But besides Reggae I’d have to say rock is my music of choice. It challenges society, it touches on subjects that matter, and if it’s orchestrated just right, it’s beautiful. I love the styles of rock and the fact that it has a different display of reasons behind its music. It’s not quite as cliché as other genres and the rhythm behind it makes me want to dance around. It’s fun, thrilling, and unique.

There are so many types of music in the world and if we all just sat down and gave them a chance then there might be a lot less discrimination. People have got to understand that music is a blessing and the different types should be passed around from culture to culture and appreciated.

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Sasono said...
on Jan. 6 2009 at 5:29 pm
dude i totally agree with everything u say about music. i love music and basiclly i love every kind accept Clasiical and opra but i am a teen so that might explain why. XD