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When Devils Strike_SPM

September 5, 2008
By Alma Quezada BRONZE, Thronton, Colorado
Alma Quezada BRONZE, Thronton, Colorado
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SPM’s When Devils Strike album is so far one of the best a CD’s in my collection. Even though this album came out in the year 2006, people still admire him. He only spoke the truth and since it was coming from his life it was very easy to understand what he’s been going through.

Most of his songs talk about his family (mainly his daughter Carlie) and all the problems that are going on, like what the government was doing whatever they can to lock up mainly the Mexican’s and the Blacks. Also how they didn’t really care if we were getting killed (by any kind of violence), but that they fear the day of unity. This is the day that our people will come together, stand up for one another, and fight for what we believe in.

I would have to say that his music brings harmony to the streets; by the way he inspires people not to make the same mistakes he did. I’m not saying that you have to listen to this album, since it has some explicit lyrics and talks about gang life; I’m saying that you should listen to what he is trying to tell us. SPM is trying to bring a message, especially to the Mexican people, he is saying that Mexican’s should be proud of their race and not to let anything take away all that they’ve worked for.

My favorite song I would have to say is When devils strike because it talks about what happened that send him to jail, even though he didn’t do anything wrong. Now he has 45 years and is just waiting for the time to go by so he can be free from the modern day slavery. He probably would have been famous worldwide, but his jury did not have one Hispanic and they knew he didn’t do that stuff. I would really recommend this album if I can’t stop listening to it you probably won’t stop either. The songs just make you feel proud of who you are and what you represent. You might like it better if you like Rap, but I’m pretty sure you would like it no matter what. Well that’s in my opinion

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