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The Bartender Song By: Rehab

September 24, 2008
By Anonymous

I've heard this song at least fifty times, and I still cannot get it out of my head. The song, Bartender Song by: Rehab is funny, but also true for many people do something wrong so people retaliate, and end up on the inside, in trouble, wishing you where on the outside. The song has a catchy tone and beat to it, that makes listeners sing along, and its humor is a definite attraction.

This songs story is simple. A man comes home late. His girlfriend is upset, and he thinks she is high on pills, throws his stuff into the yard and hits him. He steals her car, crashes it, goes to the bar, and waits for the police to pick him up. He sings about going back to jail and how stupid and drunk he is.

Even though Hank Williams Jr., a famous county singer sang the original version of this song, Rehab does the song proud. The lyrics are a little intense sometimes, but they don't get out of hand. However, I would have to encourage everyone to listen to it at least once!

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