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“Light Grenades” MAG

By Anonymous

     Incubus are known for their melodic and experimental radio-friendly jams from the late 1990s, but this year they progressed, releasing an interesting and contemporary album.

“Light Grenades” is an evolution of the band’s 2004 album, “A Crow Left of the Murder.” Now more mature and experimental, Incubus have graduated from the laid-back surfer tunes of “Morning View” and picked up new styles and influences. With the unique spin on punk rock in “Light Grenades” and the familiar melodic vibes on “Dig” as well as “Diamonds and Coal,” the band’s latest album is diverse but not unfamiliar.

Songs like “Anna Molly” easily channel the band’s sound on 2004’s “Sick Sad Little World.” And the commercial appeal of this successful band has not been lost with this album. The tunes are radio-friendly but not thin or lacking. The band hasn’t lost their affinity for themes or honesty, and the familiar presence of emotions in each song brings forth something fresh and new.

Spacey effects and singer Brandon Boyd’s subdued vocals have created the band’s sound, and this noted style hasn’t escaped Incubus even after their thriving 15-year run. “Light Grenades” is sure to be a hit with fans and everyday audiences alike. California cool meets deeper thrashing rock to create something new and unique for this band of alternative icons.

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