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By Anonymous

   Did you see the Rolling Stones Concert on that cold night in October at Foxboro Stadium? If not, you missed the best concert of the year.

At the beginning everything was pitch black and you could hear a pin drop. Then we heard an explosion of sound and saw bright lights going in all directions, as they started to play "I Can't Get No Satisfaction." Everyone was screaming the song along with them. We were all jumping up and down and the whole stadium was shaking. We felt like the stands were going to collapse. By the time the song was over, everyone was screaming with excitement.

Throughout the concert our hands were freezing and we could see our breath like puffs of smoke, but our bodies were warm from jumping around. When they played "Have You Seen My Baby," two enormous statues came out to the delight of the crowd.

Mick Jagger was constantly changing his clothing, dancing around, and expending all kinds of energy, especially for someone his age. It was a thrill to see him for the very first time. The rest of the Stones were superb, but they didn't have as much spunk as Mick.

Near the end of the concert they went inside to warm up while they set up for the last song. All the lights went out except for one in the middle of the stage. Then the stage opened and a bridge came out and stretched to the middle of the stadium to a mini stage where they played their last song. When the drummer hit the cymbal at the end a bundle of fireworks went off in all directions and a big torch lit up the whole stadium.

This was the best concert I have been to since Van Halen. I was so excited after the concert I couldn't sleep. If I had a chance to go to any concert in the world, I would go to see the Rolling Stones again! .

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i love this so much!