May 1, 2009
By Anonymous

sometimes i say that the television is my only friend,
because its entertainment will never end.
throughout every day and every night,
i can watch as many shows as i like.
if the show that i watch makes me mad,
all i have to do is flip a switch to make me glad.
even though people say it may rot your brain,
i always seem to feel that i have always made a gain.
if i could have one wish for something great,
i would wish for a television which would float and have no weight.
in reality i know all dreams could never come true,
but i have a feeling that one day i might have something to look forward to.
so until then i will try my best to be on my couch,
and if the electricity goes out i will not be a grouch.
i will be at home watching my favorite shows,
even while washing and folding all my clothes.
i'll even watch my television while i eat,
because to some others that may seem sweet.

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