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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever been sitting there late at night wanting a good laugh? Well this TV show could help you with that. I recommend this show for adults and teens because it has an interesting plot, the characters are believable and the writing is hilarious. This show is about a nephew that has to move into his uncle’s mansion in Bel-Air, California. This is completely opposite of his old life style which was filled with drama and trouble. While getting used to this new neighborhood he causes a lot of chaos. But in the end he always takes responsibility and fixes his mistakes.

The plot on the hit TV show the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air keeps the viewers interested not only by the humor but, by the conflict. The main character Will Smith is always getting into some kind trouble, whether it is annoying his cousin or tarring up his Uncle Phil’s house he is always into mischief. It makes you wonder what he is going to get into next. The conflict that the main character (Will Smith) has to resolve changes from week to week. But no matter what it is, it is sure to be funny. In one episode, he see the butler putting wine on the cooking which produces a big flame and the butler has to go to the store and Will tries it but of course it has to go wrong. And he ends up burning down the kitchen. So Will and the butler must figure out how to fix the kitchen before Phil and his wife gets back from dinner.

These characters grow and develop over time by getting used to each other. I’m sure the first few episodes they were all nervous because it is all new to them and they have no clue who the people are and what the act like. One person maybe one of the best actors but then he might get placed with the worst. So that could affect their acting. So once they get used to each other then they will be able to fly threw a scene like nothing. The characters points of views are different because they all have different personalities. The characters play each other off easily by if one messes up they try their best to make it funny, which isn’t hard for Will Smith since he is a comedian.

The characters in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are very believable because they dress and handle conflicts like every other person would. They try to handle every situation with humor to keep the viewers interest. The characters are fun to watch because mostly of the humor. They can take a serious situation and make it hilarious and then solve it like and adult would. In my opinion this show is one of the funniest I have seen in a while, it will have your ribs hurting from laughing so hard.

There are very much so humorous interactions between the characters. They can take a real-life situation and turn it into something funny. They do this by putting them in their situation and they think of something funny to say which makes the audience laugh and wanting to keep watching. The dialogue is natural sounding because they change the tone of their voice and they use facial expressions. This gives the characters more originality. Sometimes the message in this show is clear but sometimes you have to think a little. The theme changes every show, in one episode the message could be getting along with others and in the next it could be don’t brag. But the lesson (or message) in each show is sure to be a life lesson that you shouldn’t forget. I recommend this show for adults and teens because it has an interesting plot, the characters are believable and the writing is hilarious.

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