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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

You might think Friends is just a show that has no hidden message or moral, upon hearing the title you probably think it’s just another show about break-ups and nothing of any real importance. I don’t think you could be anymore wrong though. Friends is a show about a group of friends who live in an apartment building in Manhattan, New York. It was originally aired from 1994-2004, but reruns play on TBS at 6:00 pm. Friends is an enjoyable show that, thanks to the writers, most viewers can relate to and identify with, plus the characters are extremely hilarious, not to mention the acting is so convincing that if it weren’t for the live studio audience you might forget it’s a sitcom.

The writers did a brilliant job at coming up with plots that the shows viewers can relate to. In an episode I watched called “The Trip,” Ross was pushing Joey not to give up on himself and to succeed. I’m sure most viewers have been in either Ross or Joey’s place at one point in their life or another. The writers also did a good job at including interactions that are so funny that using “extremely hilarious” to describe them, just wouldn’t do it justice.

The characters of Friends do a terrific job at providing you with jokes and never fail to make you laugh. It’s truly amazing how naturally they act and how well they play off each other. In every episode they constantly spit jokes back and forth, mock one another, and obliviously tease each other. It’s just like a reality show. Over time the characters all grow on each other and learn to accept each other for who they are.

The strong, convincing acting is what amazes me the most. Phoebe, play by Lisa Kudrow, does a great job at bringing Phoebe to life. The way she talks, spits jokes, and serves sarcasm is like that of an actual real-life person. In an episode I viewed, Phoebe decides she wants to ring the bell for the Salvation Army. When she shares this information with her friends they looked at her like she was crazy and asked why she wanted to do that. She replied with, “I just want to spread a little holiday cheer.” In turn she receives blank stares and with that she adds, “Plus I’m the only one who can sing ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ in 25 different languages!” Then at the very last second she adds, “…I kid!” Her acting is so convincing that it’s like she forgets that there are cameras in her face and a live studio audience watching her.

Friends is a show consisting of smooth writing, funny characters, and extremely convincing acting. If you want to laugh, which most people do, I’d suggest watching this show. They only show reruns of the last season, but you can purchase them on box sets if you wish. It’s an amazing show and I promise you won’t regret viewing it. I’d also suggest TBS network to keep signing on and replaying the shows. They might even look into replaying all the seasons and not just the last one.

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