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The Office

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you think it would be easy to work in an office where there is always a problem? People walking on grills, think that’s simple? Well this shows what you’d go through if you worked at an office with crazy ideas and people. The Office is one of the best shows because of the insanely great acting they perform, the great writing with the real life issues, and the plot is just amazing.

The Office has one of the highest ratings. The office’s actors all have the gift of comedy. The funny situations of the office life, there’s even parts where they act like children so ALL can relate. We all have the kiss up, that’s something that everyone could live without. Adults “kiss up” or “brown nose” to a boss as a child to a teacher. Not to lie but I don’t think kids have to deal with the fact with a boss and having to go to meeting NOR have to deal with people walking on grills. They as the actors bring upon themselves so much emotion.

The writing is up to date, even through it uses its own Jargon that doesn’t take the way we as all understand it. The writer of “The Office” keeps it were it is still understandable of the majority of the age group that watches the show. Would you watch a show if the writing was like “how are thee on this blessed evening”? Very proper and very calm. If I watched a show that was like that I wouldn’t watch it long. For sure no one of the age group of 15-32 speaks like that. Would you watch something you don’t get? “Does no one want to come get me?” That’s a direct quote coming from the show and no where on there does it say “you, whom, blessed evening”.

Every episode, theres always a general problem or an issue to suit. But what’s the over all issue over “The Office”? Seems to me that the over all problem is the office life and the stress of seeing the people you don’t want to and dealing with co-worker’s dating life. Dealing with the bullies and just annoying people, the kiss up and the stressful bosses. It provides the real life situations that everyone is / will be in one stage in life. It’s so real that you feel that you’re at the office as well.

The Office is one of the best shows because of the real life plot, the believable acting, and up to date writing. This is “The Office” will rock your socks off.

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