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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

November 26, 2007
By Anonymous

Don’t you love those times when you laugh constantly, uncontrollably and no matter how hard you try to stop, you just can’t? Well I have the perfect show for you!!! It is called Fresh Prince of Bellaire it is like no other sitcom you have ever seen. It is about a young man named Will that moves in with his aunt and uncle and their kids. Here he causes tons havoc and stirs up tons of outrageous problems that the family must try and fix. This sitcom shows everyday on NICKatNight at 11:30p.m. Most of the show takes place at Uncle Phil and Aunt Viviane’s house. On occasion though, there are new locations that may pop up in the show. Fresh Prince of Bellaire is an outstanding, goofy, witty, sitcom that you should definitely watch because of its amazingly funny characters, unforgettable acting and hilarious plot.
For all of you readers who have been fortunate enough to watch Fresh Prince you know that the characters in the show are amazingly funny! First let me start out b introducing you to Will. He is the nephew that is sent to come live in his uncle’s house. He is a born trouble maker and loves to live life to the fullest, and you can’t forget about his sarcastic attitude towards everything. Jeffery is the very sarcastic blunt butler the is hysterical. Then there is Uncle Phil the really uptight guy that Will goes to live with. There is also Aunt Viviane which is Uncle Phil’s wife. Then there are all of their children and wills cousin Carlton, Hillary, and Ashley. Carlton is the really smart sophisticated kid who is really cautious and doesn’t agree with anything Will says. Hillary is the really prissy fashion girl that is all about herself, money and no one else. Last of all Ashley is the youngest sibling that is daring like Will to take risks and really looks up to Will. These characters just make the show so much more fun to watch because the play of each other tremendously. For example when Will is in a serious conversation with his Uncle Phil he acts all serious and the cracks a joke about Uncle Phil. At First Uncle Phil doesn’t catch on then he realizes and begins screaming at Will in mid sentence.
Next is the unforgettable acting that is presented. I cannot even explain how completely believable it is. There are tons of family fights which I know most of you experience with siblings and parents. Well in this show at least two or three times there is a fight like that. And at least one of those fights will always involve Carlton and Will fighting and bickering about something stupid. Then there is at least one with Hillary complaining about how no one cares about her feelings and how they don’t give her enough money. Another thing that makes this acting so believable is its writing. The dialogue that is given to the characters is very appropriate for their personalities, and what makes it so believable is that the dialogue that is used is actual slang that we use. Such as terms like “pops” meaning dad and “this is how it went down” meaning this is what happened.. Not only is the acting believable but it also hysterical. For example in one episode Will and Carlton suspect that a lady named Mrs. Lamoure steels Aunt Vivian’s silverware so they steel it back. Then when they get home they realize it wasn’t Aunt Vivian’s so they sneak back in Mrs. Lamoure’s house to return it. Unfortunately they get trapped inside and have to hide in the most outrageous spots you can think of which is just so entertaining to watch and will make you laugh uncontrollably.
What will really get you interested in this phenomenal sitcom is its hilarious plot. This show is filled with humorous interactions between the characters, sarcasm, and mocking. For example in a previous episode when Will makes fun of Ashley, Hillary, and Aunt Vivian for their matching plaid dresses and outrageous hairdos he sarcastically comments, “Oh I wanna play!” What makes every episode so worth watching is that every time there is a new problem that the family must face. For example a problem that occurred in an episode was that when Ashley became a big singer and had a big record deal she became so consumed with herself and became very cocky and bossy. Her whole personality changed and the family doesn’t like the new Ashley at all. So the family has to try and get Ashley to see what has happened to her and the kind of person she has now become.

Sometimes you have to take a chance with your time and try something new. Who knows you might come to love Fresh Prince of Bellaire. Its comical characters, acting that is etched into your mind every show, and amusing plot might be harder to pass up then you think. If you just sit down and watch one episode I promise you won’t be disappointed. Although I recommend to the show set-up if you play Fresh Prince every night at 8:00 pm and every time before a new episode of The Office then there will be a bunch more viewers of Fresh Prince. Because not only is 8:00 pm when all kids tend to get home from practice but The Office is a well liked show and people usually sit in front of their TVs just waiting for it to come on. If Fresh Prince is the show right before the office it is more than likely going to be watch be almost all Office viewers.

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Jacob44 said...
on Sep. 29 2010 at 4:16 pm
That show is funny! :) I watched it when i was little... (yes i know, i was too small to know what it was about)

on Aug. 15 2008 at 2:31 pm
I also like how it subtly deals with the issue of racial bigotry